125The One Note Stand, SGA, crew, and other on-campus organizations have been fundraising the past year to raise $25,000 to create the Bob Ericson Environmental Research Fund. They have only $5,000 left to raise.

Your donations would be appreciated at:https://www.applyweb.com/public/contribute?UMWGCO

“I’ll always remember the balloon release ceremony in Bob’s honor. There we were, hundreds of us on Ball Circle, each one holding a pastel-colored balloon. Just when we released them, of course, a great gust of wind blew underneath. It carried the balloons right into a tree. They all started to pop. Well, the crowd was silent for a bit—then, we just started to laugh. We all smiled at the irony. Someone said, “He would’ve loved it.” I like to think that gust of wind was a little whisper from Bob, reminding all of us not to take things too seriously. I always smile when I see that tree.”